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Well Pump Repair Professional Services in Simcoe Muskoka

well pump repair

Whether you live in your own home or in a rented one, keeping it clean and maintained is one of your most important responsibilities.

Among many other maintenances and repairing issues, taking care of your well pump cannot be neglected as it not only provides you with clean and pure water which is good for your health, but also play a key role in pumping water from your well into the home.

That is why, well pump is one of the most common necessities in most homes, and it is usual to encounter many issues related to it in everyday life.

However, if a well pump gets damaged and requires some maintenance or repair, then it can make your life miserable, especially if you completely rely on this well for all of your water needs.

In this situation, instead of trying to make things even more complicated by yourself, you need to consult an expert well pump repair service who has years of experience in their domain and who knows what needs to be done at what moment.

But before we guide you about the best well pump repair service in Barrie, you need to be fully aware of signs when you may need the well pump repairs, and how you can also do it yourself.

Furthermore, you should know what are the benefits of opting the well pump repair services, and what you need to consider when hiring a professional well pump repair service in Simcoe County and Muskoka.

So, let’s start!

Signs When You May Need Well Pump Repairs Promptly

It is naturally common that people often forget about the maintenance and repair of many essential components of the home.

One of which the most important component is the well pump, which most people forget about until it becomes damaged or starts malfunctioning. However, the fact is that keeping your water system in good condition requires a lot of attention.

Below we’ve shared with you some of the most common warning signs that indicate your well pump needs to be replaced or repaired instantly.

Fluctuations in Water Pressure

If you are continuously experiencing a significant increase or decrease in the water pressure of your shower, faucet, sink and other components, it simply means that there is something wrong with your well pump and there is an urgent need to fix it.

High Electric Bill

faulty or damaged well pumps usually cause an incredible increase in your electric bills as they have to work harder to maintain water pressure. So, if you have a problem like this, call a well pump repair specialist right away to fix it.

Dirty Water

The presence of dirty water or the stench from it indicates that your well pump needs to be repaired as soon as possible as it is usually caused by water containing sand and sediment that can impact your pump’s lifespan.

Well Pump is Too Old or Running Constantly

A well pump with proper maintenance usually lasts for about 8 to 15 years and if it is very old or has been running constantly then it is very important to replace or repair it frequently.

Air is Spitting from the Faucet

Is the water not coming consistently or are bubbles coming through the faucets? If so, this could be a sign that the water well pump is not working properly and needs to be repaired immediately.

If you think your well pump problems are related or similar to the above ones, then it is important to call an experienced well repair service to find out what is going wrong.

But before you take this step, you can follow the below guide to find out any mirrors issues that you can solve on your own instead of spending dollars on opting the 3rd party services.

How to Repair the Well Water Pump by yourself

Now if you are one of those people who can easily do minor maintenance and repair tasks then this section is just for you. By following this section you can learn several steps that you can take in the situation where your well pump needs a quick and straightforward fix.

But for those who have no experience in general household chores but want a quick and affordable solution, they can go directly to the best well pump repair service provider in Barrie or well pump repair Simcoe County & Muskoka.

So here are some most common symptoms of well pump related troubles that you can easily solve on your own.

Check the Power

First make sure the well switch is not turned off and the breaker is not tripped. You can easily do this yourself but if the breaker keeps tripping, then you need to pick the services of an expert.

Check the Pressure Switch

If your problem does not go away after doing this, then you need to make sure that the pressure switch is in good condition and there are no signs of burning or pitting.

You can check this easily by turning off the power reaching the pressure tank and removing the cover of the pressure switch near the bottom of the tank.

You can also use fine-grit sandpaper to clean the contacts. After doing this, fix everything in their place and if the problem is not solved then call a professional to replace the pressure switch.

Check the Valve

Checking the valve is also not a difficult task, you just need to cover off the air valve and press on the valve cover with a screwdriver. If the water “pulses” at the spigot, you simply have a waterlogged tank and the replacement is the only solution.

Check the Weight

Another thing you can do is check whether the tank is too heavy or not by shaking it or pressing on top of the tank. If it is too heavy and you are unable to rock it, you may need to replace it by yourself or by calling the water well pump repair service.

If there are some serious issues that are beyond your thinking, especially related with deep well submersible pumps and shallow well pumps, it is recommended that you contact a professional who has all the skills and experience in well pump repairing and maintenance.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Well Pump Repair Services

Well, there is no single benefit to choosing professional well pump repair services, instead of taking the DIY route, choosing a professional well pump repair service offers many benefits.

Some reasonable benefits are:


People generally do not choose the services of professionals because they think it can save their money and non-professionals can do better or they can do it themselves. However, the fact is that they can complicate their repairing issues even more, which can lead to more money wasting. So instead of repeating repair issues, choose a good service at once.

Improve Water Supply

The good thing about professional well pump repair experts is that they can fix almost anything and even identify some more mistakes that you weren’t aware of.

Increased Life Span

Last but not least, professional well pump repair experts usually have all the skills and they repair the pump correctly and accurately which results in the increase of age of your system. So go with professional service instead of DIY route to prolong the life of your system.

Things to Consider When Hiring the Best Well Pump Repair Services

Now if you have decided to hire a professional and experienced well repair service based on the above mentioned benefits, then there are some things that you should keep in mind while choosing the good one.

Choosing a reliable one is not an easy task as there are many service providers out there and each of them claims to be the best when they are not. So to make sure everything goes well and the service doesn’t disappoint you, you should read the following tips carefully which will definitely help you to make a better decision.

Qualifications: First make sure that the repairer is well-trained and qualified. You can ask him to show you his license or something like that which shows that he is fully qualified and able to do the job perfectly.

Reputation: Get Google’s help to do a little research about a particular service. If you see that a company has received a lot of positive feedback from past customers, it may be a sign that they will satisfy you too.

Cost: Don’t rely on just one service, ask about the amount you’re going to pay them for their services and compare it to other service providers. After comparing, choose one that is ready to provide you with quality services at a very affordable price.

Experience: Choosing a service that is new to the industry makes no sense because they can make a lot of mistakes at the first. Go with an experienced one that has years of experience and is more established in the area to make sure you will get everything exactly what you want.

Who to Call For cottage Well Pump Repair Services?

Let’s get to the key point and find out which well pump repair service in Barrie is best for you or with which you should go.

Well, Drain Right Now is considered to be one of the best options when it comes to hiring a professional well pump repair service in and around Barrie, which helps you run your well all year long.

We have years of experience and expertise not only in well pump repair & installation but also in cottage well pump repair and have been providing services in Barrie, Angus, Minesing, Innisfil, Shanty Bay, Collingwood, Thornbury and Huntsville and many other areas for years.

We provide a wide range of friendly and cost-effective services with 24 hour emergency repair.

Our services include:

  • Water Well Pump Service
  • Deep Well Pump Service
  • Shallow Well Pump Service
  • Sump Pump Installation Service
  • Leak Detection Services
  • Pipe Relining Services
  • Plumbing Services
  • Cottage Plumbing Service
  • Emergency Plumbing Services
  • Water Filtrations Systems
  • Bathroom Renovations
  • Drain Cleaning
  • And More….

All of our Plumbers and well pump repair specialists are licensed and listening to water complaints from all our customers is our top priority. Thanks to our highly skilled experts, we are now able to provide all kinds of well pump repair services.

We are a highly rated plumbing and well pump repair service provider at HomeStars and we have received an average of 10/10 user ratings based on 289 customer reviews.

Furthermore, our main goal is to work with honesty and integrity and we do our best to provide customers with the best value and services at affordable rates with prompt response times.

Here are some key points about our well pump repair service:

Extensive Experience

Our technicians are highly trained and qualified and we have more than 20 years of experience, so you can trust us for all of your issues related to your pump.

Affordable Pricing

We really care about your hard-earned dollars and provide the best services at an affordable rate that also suits your budget.

24-Hour Emergency Service

To overcome any problem immediately, we are available 24/7 for your well pump repair issues, replacement, emergency, upgrade, and new installations.

All Work is Guaranteed

To ensure everything from our side, we also provide a limited warranty on all your plumbing, well pump repairs, drains and other services.


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