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Best Plumbers in Barrie for Any Situation The 5 Best

Best Plumbers in Barrie

We build a house to live a tranquil life, but as the house gets older it


starts to cause a lot of problems. One of these problems is plumbing which can happen unexpectedly, even if your house is new.

Plumbing issues like dripping faucets, leaking pipes, clogged drain, and slow draining sink, etc. can interrupt your life if you don’t fix or stop them quickly.

This is where a skilled plumber helps the individuals ensure that the water supply throughout the house is working properly without any leaking.

But out of the hundreds, finding a professional and experienced plumber can be a daunting task, especially if you’re doing it for the first time.

That’s why, to help you with this, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best plumbers in Barrie.

Furthermore, we’ve also outlined some of the factors which you need to keep in mind when hiring a plumber.

So, let’s learn about them one by one.

Best Plumbers in Barrie Top 5:

Here’s a quick overview of the 5 best Plumbers in Barrie, Ontario.

⦁ Drain Right Now
⦁ Wright’s Plumbing Inc.
⦁ Full Moon Plumbing Inc.
⦁ Plumbtech Plumbing Inc.
⦁ Harris Plumbing

Drain Right Now

Founded in 2012, Drain Right Now has been providing high-quality plumbing services in and around Barrie Ontario for over 9 years.

Taylor Elstone is the man behind this plumbing service company. He has 12 years of experience in working with various local plumbers.

Customer satisfaction is their top-notch priority and that’s why they offer their potential customers a one-year limited warranty on plumbing and drain repairs.

They offer free plumbing inspections for residential customers to help you locate critical areas of your home’s plumbing system that could cause flooding and property damage.

Furthermore, they are available 24/7 to handle any critical situation. They also offer an Estimate facility to inform the customer about all costs before starting work.

For any type of plumbing services, you can hire one of the best Plumbers in Barrie Ontario, Drain Right Now.


  • Water Well Drilling
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Emergency Plumbing
  • Repair
  • Septic Repair
  • And Many More…

Contact Details:

Address: Barrie, ON, Canada
Phone: +1 705-309-0758
Email: [email protected]

Wright’s Plumbing Inc.

Brad started Wright’s plumbing in 2010 after understanding the basic needs of customers that most excellent plumbers have failed to address.

Due to their team of experienced plumbing professionals, they have built a strong reputation among their customers over the past 11 years.

With over 20 years of extensive experience in both residential and commercial plumbing, they are now also experts in custom homes and renovations.

Their main goal is to provide their clients with the highest quality of work by offering free plumbing estimates and 24/7 emergency services.

After assessing the nature of the plumbing emergency, they send a licensed plumber to the place with a truck equipped with all the necessary tools to deal with any situation.

⦁ Emergency Plumbing
⦁ Cottage Plumbing
⦁ Renovations
⦁ Water Filtration
⦁ Sump Pumps
⦁ And Many More…

Contact Details:
Address: 65 Cedar Pointe Dr #242, Barrie, ON L4N 9R3, Canada
Phone: +1 705-795-3746
Email: [email protected]

Full Moon Plumbing Inc.

With over 40 years of experience in the plumbing industry, Full Moon Plumbing has a team of highly trained Plumbers who specialize in performing various plumbing-related operations decently.

They have a presence in the entire Simcoe country and its surrounding areas, while their main office is in Barrie. Besides many other towns in Ontario, they are also considered the most reliable Plumber Innisfil due to their honesty and integrity with customers.

The company is licensed and insured which means they have all the knowledge and expertise in their field and they use the latest technology for better sanitary drain locating and inspection.

All plumbing professionals are well versed in industry-based tools and the company is also well known for inventing the CSA Certified Backflow Preventer.

⦁ Home & Business Plumbing Services
⦁ Video Camera Drain Locating
⦁ Backflow Preventer Testing
⦁ Plugged Drain Cleaning
⦁ Lake Pump Systems
⦁ Plug Drains
⦁ And Many More…

Contact Details:
Address: 65 Cedar Point Drive, Unit #234, Barrie, Ontario, Canada L4N 9R3
Phone: +1 705-720-2010
Email: [email protected]


Plumbtech Plumbing Inc.

Plumbtech Plumbing is another big name in the market when it comes to getting reliable plumbing services.

Since 1986, they have been providing plumbing services not only for residential and commercial but also for light industrial customers in Barrie.

All of their plumbers are licensed and come to work with full-stock trucks so that any problem can be solved more quickly and efficiently with the help of the right tools.

They have been providing high-quality workmanship with 24 hours’ emergency service for over 30 years, at a price that customers can afford.

⦁ Basic Plumbing Services
⦁ Cottage Services
⦁ Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations
⦁ Backflow Prevention
⦁ Flat Roof Drains
⦁ Water & Air Lines
⦁ And Many More…

Contact Details:
Address: 24 Ferndale Dr N, Barrie, ON L4N 9V4, Canada
Phone: +1 705-722-7209
Email: [email protected]


Harris Plumbing

Last but not least, Harris Plumbing is another highly trusted company that provides plumbing services in Barrie with 100% customer satisfaction.

The company was founded by Ray Harris in 1974 and has been growing ever since. Now it has a strong reputation among the customers due to the quality services they provide.

They have a hard-working and reliable team whose primary mission is to build lifelong relationships with customers. They have been in the market for 47 years and have won many awards including the “HomeStars Best for 2019”.

Today Harris Plumbing is one of the leading and most reliable plumbing companies with over 12 service trucks. They also offer a 1-year workmanship warranty on all services to make the customers happier and satisfied.

⦁ Septic & Sewer
⦁ Drains & Pipes
⦁ Bathroom Plumbing
⦁ Home Inspections
⦁ Cottage Opening & Closing Services
⦁ And Much More…

Contact Details:
Address: 18 Alliance Blvd, Barrie, ON L4M 5A5, Canada
Phone: +1 866-786-1801
Email: [email protected]
What to Consider When Hiring the Plumber
Well, hiring a skilled plumber can be a challenging job. Without your proper attention, you can mistakenly hire a plumber who does not have enough experience and who can damage your plumbing even more.

So, take a look at the key factors below that will help you make a better choice.



First of all, check if the plumber or company has a license or not. License verification before opting for a plumber’s services will help you choose the one who has all the necessary plumbing skills and training.


One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they hire a plumber only based on a license and do not focus on the plumber’s experience. Generally experienced Plumbers work fast and accurately while inexperienced can make various mistakes.

Emergency Services

Plumbing issues can occur at any time, so it’s really important to take a look at whether a plumber offers emergency services or not. If leaking problems occur at night, a plumber with 24/7 customer support can be really helpful for your sleep.


Before starting anything, it is essential to finalize the cost of damage with the plumber. If a plumber offers a free estimate, you can consider it a good sign of a professional plumber. Ask if the total estimate is a flat rate or an hourly rate and then compare the cost of a plumber with others to make a profitable decision.

Good Reviews

Doing some research on Google about the plumber or company before hiring will help you choose the one who has already provided satisfactory services to other people. You can check customer reviews about the plumber and then make a decision based on that. If you find that a plumber has received a lot of complaints from customers, then leave it and look for other good plumbers. This will help you find the best plumbers in Barrie.


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